Dental Bonding

Your North Calgary Choice for Dental Bonding!

If you have cracked, discoloured, or chipped teeth, dental bonding might be the answer. SmileCode Dental is pleased to offer cosmetic dental bonding to improve the overall look and feel of your smile.

Dental Bonding | SmileCode Dental | NW Calgary | General Dentist

What is Dental Bonding?

It is a cosmetic dentistry procedure whereby a tooth-coloured composite resin bonding material is applied to one or more of your teeth to cover defects, improve the structure, and enhance overall appearance.

Dental Bonding | SmileCode Dental | NW Calgary | General Dentist

When is Tooth Bonding Considered?

  • To repair decayed teeth
  • To repair chipped or cracked teeth
  • To improve the appearance of discoloured teeth
  • To close gaps
  • To change the shape of teeth
  • As a cosmetic alternative to amalgam fillings
  • To protect a portion of the tooth’s root that has been exposed when gums recede.

Dental bonding is a natural-looking cosmetic option that is specially formulated and colour matched to resemble natural teeth. Most people will not even realize you have a bonded tooth unless you decide to tell them! Let SmileCode Dental help give you back the confidence to stop hiding your smile. Call us today to set up a consultation and see if it is right for you.

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