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At SmileCode Dental, we are pleased to offer Periodontics to you and your family. Since your overall oral health and dental hygiene are paramount, we are proud to offer treatment and maintenance options to maintain optimal oral health.

Periodontics | SmileCode Dental | NW Calgary | General Dentist

What is Periodontics

Periodontics dentistry deals with the treatment and care of your bone, gums, and surrounding tissue. Gum health is an important part of overall dental hygiene. As such, SmileCode Dental is committed to treating gum disease, gum recession, and periodontitis (a bacterial infection that warms havoc on gums and the jawbone that support your teeth).

Periodontal Disease | SmileCode Dental | NW Calgary | General Dentist
Periodontics | SmileCode Dental | NW Calgary | General Dentist

What are some Benefits of Periodontal Gum Care?

  • Inhibits future gum damage
  • Eliminates bacteria from underneath the gums
  • Makes cleaning your teeth easier
  • Modifies and reshapes the bones that support teeth

What are the Symptoms of Gum Disease?

  • Red, bleeding or swollen gums, with or without discomfort or pain
  • Deep pockets in gums that form between your gums and teeth
  • Loose teeth
  • Bad breath
  • Pain while chewing
  • Gums that pull away from your teeth or recede
Periodontics | SmileCode Dental | NW Calgary | General Dentist
Periodontal Treatment

Gum disease should be treated as soon as possible, as it can eventually destroy the gums and bone that support your teeth. The bacteria stick to your teeth, irritate the gums, and make them bleed. Periodontal treatment involves a thorough and specialized cleaning of your gums and teeth in order to manage the bacteria that causes gum disease. The goal is to thoroughly clean the hollow cavities surrounding the teeth, thereby inhibiting damage to the adjacent bone. Good oral home care, along with dealing with any health conditions that could affect dental health, and stopping smoking can offer the best chance for successful treatment.

Periodontal Gum Therapy

Gum disease is one of the most common dental problems adults face, though it can begin at any age. It is slow to develop, and so prevention is key. However, if it has already begun, gum therapy might be necessary. SmileCode Dental is here to help.

What is Gum Disease?

Gum disease occurs when infection damages the soft tissue and bone supporting the tooth. Without treatment, the bone around the teeth is slowly and progressively lost. Untreated gum disease will eventually lead to tooth loss. Bactrian plaque is the most common cause of periodontal disease.


In its early stages, gum disease can be treated with a thorough cleaning to remove build-up plaque and tartar, brushing twice a day to remove plaque, and flossing once a day to remove plaque. Advanced periodontitis may mean dental surgery is necessary, such as flap surgery. Flap surgery is performed to allow for more effective scaling and root planning, and requires that your dentist make tiny incisions in your gums, exposing the roots and allowing for a section of the gum tissue to be lifted back.

Periodontitis | SmileCode Dental | NW Calgary | General Dentist

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Deep Cleaning

If periodontitis is not too advanced, a deep cleaning treatment might be sufficient to treat the problem. This less invasive procedure, which is more intensive than a regular dental cleaning, includes:

  • Scaling: Scaling removes bacteria and tartar from the surface of your teeth and more importantly, beneath the gums. It can be performed using instruments, a laser, or an ultrasonic device.
  • Root Planing: Root planning smooths the surfaces of the roots, discouraging further buildup of bacteria and tartar, and removes and bacterial byproducts that add to inflammation and delay healing or reattachment of the gum to the tooth surfaces.
  • Antibiotics: Topical or oral antibiotics can help control bacterial infection. Topical antibiotics can include antibiotic mouth rinses or insertion of gels containing antibiotics in the space between your teeth and gums or into pockets after deep cleaning. However, oral antibiotics may be necessary to completely eliminate infection-causing bacteria.

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Your North Calgary Choice for Platelet Rich Fibrin!

SmileCode Dental is pleased to offer Platelet Rich Fibrin therapy. This relatively new therapy is a revolutionary all-natural way to successfully help promote healing in patients undergoing a variety of dental procedures.

What is Platelet Rich Fibrin?

Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) is a substance found and extracted from our own blood that is rich in platelets and white blood cells. Since it is made up entirely of our own cells, it is completely compatible with our own body. It possesses amazing natural healing properties to aid in healing and pain management.

Platelet Rich Fibrin | SmileCode Dental | NW Calgary | General Dentist
Platelet Rich Fibrin | SmileCode Dental | NW Calgary | General Dentist

Benefits of Platelet Rich Fibrin

  • It possesses amazing natural healing properties for surgeries such as extractions, implants and grafts, helping to speed up the healing process and helping to heal wounds better than if the wound were left to heal on its own
  • It is completely in line with a holistic approach to oral health
  • There is NO risk of rejection because it is your body’s own concentrated material
  • Has been scientifically proven to enhance and improve your body’s own healing, decreasing your chances of having postoperative complications

What is the PRF Process?

The process involves extracting a small amount of the patient’s own blood, much like any standard blood test, and then harvesting the cells, proteins, growth factors and hormones that your body needs to heal. After the small sample is taken, the vile of blood is placed in a centrifuge, which spins the vile of blood at 3000 rpm for approximately 10 minutes. This spinning process forces the blood to separate into three layers; plasma at the top, red blood cells in the bottom, and fibrin clot in between. The PRF is then placed exactly where it is needed – to the surgical area. This will expedite healing and decrease the amount of discomfort following surgery.
PRF is just one way that SmileCode Dental is able to provide comprehensive and effective care to our patients. This revolutionary treatment can help promote accelerated healing and tissue regeneration after oral surgery. If you have any questions about PRF, or would like to schedule an appointment, please give SmileCode Dental a call today.

Platelet Rich Fibrin Process | SmileCode Dental | NW Calgary | General Dentist

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